Dr. Joachim von Heimburg is one of the most experienced innovation practitioners in the EMEA Industry. Innovating to create business value is the theme of his professional life. He designs and implements innovation strategies, processes and structures and makes them operational driving the business. This he supports by creating a culture fostering an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial activities. Key assignments:

2012–Present: Innovation Architect and Executive Advisor on state-of-the-art innovation strategies, processes, tools, and organizational structures.

2010–2012: General Manager Innovation and Corporate Program at SABIC, one of the leading global chemical companies. In this new position working for SABIC's top management he laid the foundations for a more innovate SABIC by creating and starting up new, state-of-the-art innovation capabilities and structures like corporate venturing and incubation, global technology scouting as well as the Corporate Research and Innovation Centre at KAUST.

2009–2010: Executive Advisor on innovation management helping executives to innovate how they innovate and creating industry innovation networks in Europe. He also published a monograph on innovation processes in industry as part of a book of the European Business School, Germany.

2006– 2009: International Innovation Director at Procter & Gamble leading e.g. the organizational and culture change from traditional R&D to Open Innovation systems (Connect & Develop) in Europe/Middle East/Africa.

1997–2006: International Product and Brand Development Director at P&G (co)leading e.g. the launch of the tissue paper business (Charmin, Bounty) in Europe.

He has extensive multi-cultural on-the-ground working experience in seven countries in Europe, Asia and the USA/Canada). He successfully created connections between companies leading to new business opportunities. He participated in the Innovation Task Force of the European Policy Center - a think-tank for the EU commission and was a member of the Research & Innovation committee of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). He is a sought-after speaker on innovation having given numerous presentations at international conferences and workshops on innovation. He is an individual member of EIRMA (European Industrial Research Management Association) and a certified Innovation Management System professional.

He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics of the University of Marburg, Germany. In addition to physics, he studied economics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

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Favorite Quote:  The best way to predict the future is to create it (Peter F. Drucker)

Favorite Book:   Brilliant Mistakes (Paul J. H. Shoemaker)

Contact:             joachim@jvhinnovation.de